"We have been going to Bright Minds Tutoring for about six months now and have seen so much growth in our son! It is worth every dollar spent to see him gain confidence in spelling and writing. April is absolutely amazing with her students! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a child with reading challenges specifically who presents with dyslexia."

Becky White, Parent

"April has been a life saver for my son (and me)! He has made so much progress in the last few months and he loves going to see her twice a week. You can tell she really love what she does and she's great at it. She understands dyslexia and is dedicated because she raised a dyslexic child. I have tried different programs, and been disappointed by the lack of support in the Wilmington area and the Brunswick county school system. We are so happy we found Bright Minds!"

Maria M, Parent

"We had such a wonderful experience with Bright Minds Tutoring. My son was struggling in reading and I was getting conflicting information from his school so I contacted Bright Minds to have an assessment conducted on my son to determine his reading ability and identify any obstacles that may be preventing him from being successful in reading. April Coggins performed the assessment and she was wonderful with my son. For the first time ever he wanted to go back for more reading. I was able to take April’s assessment results to my child’s school in order to get him the additional help that he needs. I can’t say enough wonderful things about April, her passion for the kids she works with is evident from the first time you meet her. I wish I would have done this years ago. "

Meghan Casteen, Parent

"Love Bright Minds Tutoring! They are very friendly and accommodating. They evaluate the students to target the tutoring to exactly what the student needs. They give feedback on the progress and can provide materials to practice the skills at home too. Very happy with my experience at Bright Minds Tutoring."

Tina Verga, Parent

"April Coggins is amazing. She has increased my son's confidence in reading just in a few sessions. She's done this in a few ways, but the two that I can think of is that she is so full of life and compliments him all through the hour she tutors him. He needs this because he's told me that he feels like he'll always read Bob books. Then the second way is that she teaches him the strategies he needs to be successful. This is extremely helpful when she isn't tutoring him and he is trying to figure out a word because I can remind him to use the strategies she has taught him. We practice what she teaches him during the week and he has improved so much in the time we've started the tutoring. He told me the other day that with April teaching him he feels like he could learn to read. I'm a homeschool mom and was using a different method. The most important thing that she does is makes reading fun and makes the child feel like special. I can't stress how much this makes a difference to my son. He blossoms when he's tutoring with her. I love it and appreciate everything she has done so far and can't wait to see what he's able to read at the end of the year! Thank you April!"

April Lemarr, Parent

"I am so very grateful that we found April. I finally feel that I have found the best resource for our family's needs. There are many tutors in Wilmington, but very few have specialized training for dyslexia and even fewer have knowledge or training about dyscalculia. Bright Minds is the best in Wilmington."

Blythe Bennett, Parent

"April's friendliness coupled with her professional knowledge of learning disabilities and dyslexia make her a valuable resource to parents, teachers, and students."

Jennifer Lewis, Former Learning Resource Director at Wilmington Christian Academy

"This is THE MOST AMAZING PLACE! Since I have been bringing my daughter here, she has made amazing strides academically and in her self confidence!
April Coggins and Melissa Proctor have been so supportive to me personally! The have also assisted in counseling me in preparations for IEP planning to tailor for my child’s needs! Melissa has been awesome because she will communicate with my child’s teachers about their lesson plans so she can tailor her tutoring sessions. She and my daughter connect so well. Her grades have improved so much!
This year she received THE MOST IMPROVED MATH AWARD. She ended the year with an A average in Math and B in ELA. She had accommodations for testing, but that is the ONLY thing she gets from school. That’s why I bring her here. Our school district has no systems set up to help, train, for decoding, or use of assistive technology to help dyslexics or anyone with LD. I AM SO THANKFUL I FOUND BRIGHT MINDS!!! I tell everyone that will listen ♥️🥰"

Kristine Lewis, Parent

"April and her team has been very supportive, flexible, and professional. Our child enjoys his tutoring with Ms. Toni whom is very patient and caring. We will definitely continue to use Bright Minds Tutoring. "

Michael Mitchell, Parent

"April has been tutoring our dyslexic children over the past few years. Her passion to teach children is unbelievable. April's knowledge has given each child the skills and confidence to succeed. Her tutoring approach has kept the sessions exciting for each child even though there is a five year age difference. April has loved and supported our enitre family as we adapt to each chapter in our lives."

Felicia Prease, Parent

"April has been a gift to us and has improved my son's reading, math skills, and has helped develop strategies for him to use in order to better succeed. Sadly, there are not a lot of choices for dyslexic students in Wilmington, so when we initially went to the one place everybody recommends, we were left feeling very disappointed. April started out coming to my son's school and tutoring him one on one, and then now he is taught part time (English, Writing and Math) at her office and then he goes to a private school for the rest of the day. The fact that she was willing to be so flexible, and cared so much about our needs, leaves me very grateful. You won't go wrong with choosing Bright Minds!"

Erica Meyer, Parent

"Bright Minds has been a godsend to our family! April is both a gifted teacher as well as an encourager. She is well trained in research based methods and knows how to deliver material in a way that keeps her students engaged while helping them to reach their potential. She is passionate about her students and is truly dedicated to their success. You WILL celebrate success with April on your team! "

Kristin Crapo, Parent

"Bright Minds Tutoring has been amazing for our child. April Coggins consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty by working directly with the teacher to create a program that is best suited for our child. She makes the tutoring sessions fun and enjoyable to where our child looks forward to the tutoring sessions! Thank you so much April! I am so glad we found Bright Minds Tutoring!"

Suzanne Greene, Parent

"April Coggins, her team, and her program are outstanding! Through the patient, targeted training provided by Bright Minds we have begun to see our sweet boy regain the confidence and enthusiasm stolen by dyslexia. I am forever grateful for April's passion and Jane's steadiness. As a team their approach is more like a mission than a service. They begin, not from the broken link in a child's learning path, but from the apex of his/her comprehension and restore rather than repair. They have changed the course of my son's life. This is a gift I cannot ever explain, but to those who are considering Bright Minds I know I don't have to."

Yarrow Carmichael, Parent

"Bright Minds is awesome! My son is dyslexic and has learned a lot seeing Joy twice a week. He actually gets excited to go to his tutoring sessions twice a week, even after being in school all day. I recently had to cancel due to changing schools, but will return to see Joy as soon as we can. They understand that you can't teach all kids the same, and are trained to teach children that aren't getting the instruction they need from public schools. This is priceless for a mom that wants to help her child read. It is so important to any struggling kid. Thank you Joy!!"

Susan Goodlow, Parent

"April has tutored both of my children. She has been very helpful. I highly recommend her company!"

Randy Wilson, Parent