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DYSLEXIA Motivational App

Get a daily dose of inspiration about the gifts of dyslexia! Every day, for a full year, you’ll discover a successful person with dyslexia who used their unique gift to change the world, or uncover a fascinating fact about the many strengths that people with dyslexia possess!

FREE Library

We are excited to provide the community with a free resource library filled with books on Learning Disabilities and the best teaching methods for ‘out of the box’ learners. It is currently a small collection, but we hope to grow it over time. Books can be checked out and returned during certain hours. Please contact us for more information.

FREE Dyslexia Resources & Information

Visit our blog at Dyslexia Help For Parents for resources, strategies, advice, advocacy tips and the latest information on dyslexia.

FREE AT-RISK Reading Screening For Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

If you have concerns about how your child is progressing with reading, this free screening can identify if risk factors are present.


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